The point of my business is to focus your brand on why people should choose you – your value proposition. I work to get to the nub of what your business is good at and help you articulate that in a way that gives you a clear position in the market.

It’s hard to find the time to build or refine your value proposition yourself, or to divert resource from projects that deliver this year’s targets. It can also be expensive and slow to employ a big branding agency – particularly if you’re leading a secondary business unit or a less mature business.

What I offer is something in between these two options. I will work with you and your teams directly to provide focused insight into what really matters to your clients and then align your value proposition and brand to that. I find your point.

1. Consolidate all your current messaging and articulate where you are now – to save you valuable time.
2. Deliver an outside-in view through brief research – to ensure your new value proposition addresses your clients’ genuine needs.
3. Write your value proposition and link the detail of what you do to one clear message – to focus everyone around your new brand.
4. Brief agencies or in-house teams, and write key deliverables – to gain buy-in and ensure swift and consistent execution.

Why I’m Different

I recognise that the real strength of a value proposition lies in its execution, and I’ve been the person responsible for that in both large and small organisations. The brand position and value proposition I create for your business will consider key segments and roles within it, and I will provide you with the copy or tools to address each of them.

I have also learned first-hand that internal communication is a critical success factor in any brand rollout and I’m used to leading workshops with product, marketing or sales teams and agencies. Through the process of building your value proposition I’ll work with you and your team, so the people who have to roll this out will own it.

In short, you won’t just get a strategy. You’ll get something that’s relevant in the market and practical enough to roll out across your business.


Scans and assimilates a breadth of information and combines with client and staff input to provide insight into what really matters.


Simplifies a complex business into a focused value proposition and links the details of what you do (product features & benefits) to it.


Provides supporting documents or workshops to help you roll out your brand’s value proposition practically.