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I’ve spent the last 20 years building brands and leading marketing and product development teams in commercial businesses. I’m a brand marketing consultant and classically trained singer.

I’m now a London brand and marketing consultant but I actually fell into a career in marketing. I studied music and got a job fairly soon out of university running marketing and subscription sales for a London orchestra. It was a small business, strapped for cash, so I learned how to do everything hands on – which has stood me in good stead throughout my career. To excel in music, you need a balance of analytical and creative capabilities, and have to be able to communicate something to your audience. I would argue that great marketing requires exactly the same and my book, The Brand Symphony blends the two to help businesses orchestrate their marketing strategy.

After a few years working, I went back to Business School to gain my Masters in Marketing and my CIM Postgraduate Diploma, and then applied my skills in corporate organisations. I specialised in B2B marketing, often working with demanding sales teams – and I’ve held roles in lead gen, product management, marcomms, internal comms, brand advertising and sales enablement. I’ve been fortunate enough to lead and direct some excellent teams to build and reposition brands, often in challenging or changing business situations.

The aspect of brand and marketing I love the most is analysing and creating a clear position and then working to align and orchestrate all activities and touch points behind it. I recently founded Brand Symphony Marketing to provide workshops, tools and templates to help business leaders and their marketers develop and orchestrate marketing strategies. Apart from marketing, I love singing, swimming and walking – and whilst I’m a Yorkshire lass at heart, I live close to the Thames in South West London.


I’ve led marketing teams in large and small companies – from VP Marketing at Gartner, to CMO at SCM World and from Head of B2B Marketing at Equifax, to Marketing Director for Thomson Local.

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"Jill handles complexity by making the key messages seem obvious. She has that rare skill of creating simplicity where everyone else sees confusion. I needed help with creating a fresh new proposition out of three products, consolidating the value of three strong brands following acquisitions. Jill talked to everyone, got under the skin of the thing and delivered an exciting new brand that inspired the new organisation to work together like never before."

Emily Foges, international product development director, Equifax

"Jill’s ability to cut through to what’s important, what’s of interest and what needs to be done is of massive value. She is able to gather and interpret seemingly confusing and complex information and present it back with clarity and develop this into a coherent value proposition. Her flexible approach and experience gives the confidence and insight you need to give the right strategic foundations for any business proposition. We really enjoy working with Jill and cannot recommend her skills and expertise highly enough."

Jon Squirrell, director, OceanBarefoot