Why I composed The Brand Symphony

Over two years ago I left my role as a VP Marketing in a corporate company to establish my own consultancy business.  I focused in on building value propositions for my clients – predominantly B2B service businesses and so I called my company Focused Propositions.

Over time I discovered two things:

  1. I use my musical experience almost as much as my marketing experience in the way I approach and orchestrate brand marketing strategy.
  2. The value proposition I built was just the start of my clients’ journey; it focused their audience and message on the value my clients delivered for their customers – but that in itself was a means to an end.  They wanted the full brand performance.

And so, The Brand Symphony was born – a five-step method which combines all the tools I’ve used as a marketing director and consultant, into the Orchestrate Method.

The principles behind the Orchestrate Method are simple.  If you write, orchestrate and conduct your marketing strategy like a musical performance, it will help you scale your business.  To do this you need to do five things:

  1. Be clear about the audience you’re targeting and the problem you really solve for them.
  2. Focus your value proposition around that problem and the benefits to your customers – and think of it as your number 1 hit song that’s performed day in, day out.
  3. Orchestrate it across your business with a company-wide marketing strategy. This is your equivalent of a musical score, that maps out who needs to play what, when.
  4. Rehearse your service before you launch. Think about the end to end customer journey and help your people figure out where they fit and what the handoffs are.
  5. Perform it consistently – it takes 18 months for a value proposition to really live. You need frequency, alignment and consistency in your performance and if marketing are the orchestrators, we need to enable our performance.

Focused Propositions has evolved into Brand Symphony Marketing.  For me that means I can help more businesses because as well as 121 consulting, I will also be offering coached programmes and workshops for both business leaders and marketers.

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The Brand Symphony book is now published and available in paperback or on Kindle via Amazon.