Freelance marketing and brand momentum

One of the benefits of being a freelance marketing director is the flexibility it can give me to fit other things around my work. Instead of commuting I’m finding time each week to fit in my own fitness goals.  However hard I’m working building value propositions (see more in my video here), I can often choose when in the day to do that work and find time around client deadlines for personal goals.  This was one of my objectives in taking the plunge. Leaving behind the security of a permanent role leading one brand and a great team of marketers to become a freelance marketing director and brand consultant.

Leading a team is definitely one of the things I miss the most.  Building and leading a team of marketers to exceed their own and their organisation’s expectations is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.  I’ve been lucky to experience it in several companies and the best bit is always that tipping point – where everything starts to come together naturally.  And everyone feels it.  I call it brand momentum.

I was actually reminded of it just this morning.  I was out walking as I’m training for my first 10K charity walk (which with my orthopaedic history is a challenge).  This morning was about notching up from 5K to 6K.  My FitBit talks to me every 1K.  As he announced 2K with a bunch of stats, I felt the pressure.  I was walking on the flat but it seemed like an uphill climb as I was having to focus on every step to keep going.

If you’re starting to build a brand or trying to embed a new value proposition it feels the same way.  And this parallel came to me as I hit 6K.  I was suddenly conscious that I was beaming from ear-to-ear.  I didn’t feel relieved, I felt elated.  Because somewhere between 2K and 6K, the steps had become a natural rhythm, and I wasn’t having to make such a conscious effort on each and every one.

It’s the same when you’re building brands and leading teams.  At the start you have to orchestrate every part.  Even with a team of brilliant people it’s important that one person takes the care and attention to detail to make sure it’s going to join up.

I’ve always found it worth the effort.  Because if you’ve chosen good people and have a clear value proposition to focus their activities, one day you will suddenly see it all working in front of you.  Without you.  And better than you could do any of it yourself.

And that’s brand momentum.

So whether you’ve hired a freelance marketing director like me to start your journey, or built your value proposition in-house, enjoy that moment when you get there.  It’s worth every step.