Customer Experience – why hide it?

A good friend of mine posted on Facebook this morning about her customer experience in a US hotel.   The hotel was near the freeway, which you could hear from the rooms.  The hotel had thought about this and provided complementary earplugs.  Except they were hidden behind the radio nowhere near the bed, so she found them the next morning.

Thoughtful touches can really bring your brand and customer experience to life and reinforce your value proposition.  But why hide them?  If you’re going to provide earplugs, a sleep mask, or even pillow mist – make a point of them.  Put them on the pillow so your customer sees them. Otherwise they’re a wasted thought (and cost) that no customer actually experiences.

Of course, the key to making many of these touches work is a team of employees, top to bottom, who know what your value proposition is and why – and which touches form the customer experience designed to express it.  Most importantly, your marketing team needs to show them how important their role is in delivering that experience.  That takes planning and regular communication, and employee involvement in building it – something I often help my clients achieve.

It also means you have to be crystal clear about what your value proposition is – and isn’t. Conviction about who you are, who you serve, and why they need you is key. All too often brands miss opportunities to join the dots across their customer experience because they’re trying to be all things to all people.  So it gets diluted.  How many people have you met who lack conviction and how many of them do you want to follow?  It’s the same for brands….

A key value behind every brand is confidence in who you are.  Build your customer experience around that and make it clear and proud.