A few pointers and opinions on Brand Marketing and Value Propositions.
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CMO or COO. What’s the difference?

In a previous role as a Chief Marketing Officer, imagine my surprise when one day the Finance Director told me that he didn’t think I was a CMO. Having spent my whole career building towards being a CMO, and definitely seeing myself as a marketer through and through, I have…


Do your values serve you and your customers?

We’ve all been there, as managers and participants. New Leadership, new set of brand values that last as long as the leader’s rotation. As part of my work helping companies re-position or focus their brands, I often try to address brand values too yet it’s usually the hardest bit…


Does your brand win or lose where it counts the most?

I never thought that I’d write a blog inspired by the MotoGP. But after a weekend at Silverstone amidst a sea of Valentino Rossi yellow, what struck me aside from the racing, was how vital it is to brand your product at the point that really counts and remember what product your customers are really paying for…